Membership Excellence 2023 is proudly delivered by the MemberWise Network – a professional network of circa. 8,000 membership and association professionals working in the UK and beyond.

Our growing network is unique. It is owned and run by practicing membership professionals and this ensures learning and networking opportunities are educational in nature and the content is targeted, rich and focused.

Our Member Value Proposition:

– Driving Membership Forward. Together.

MemberWise provides practical help and support to help Membership and Association Professionals (at all levels and career stages) to improve existing member retention, increase new member acquisition, enhance value and optimise member engagement in order to ensure sustainable long term growth.

Our Mission:

The MemberWise Network is dedicated to promoting value & good business practice advice to membership organisations and associations in the UK and overseas. This is achieved via our website, regular publications, online professional community, online social media presence, conferences/events, vacancy service and in association with our growing community of 170+ MemberWise Recognised Suppliers.

Our Objectives: 

1) Promote best practice information & advice to the membership and association sector
2) Provide information about reputable product & service providers 
3) Run themed conferences & events linked to good-practice related themes
4) Enable membership organisations and association representatives to network

In working towards the above objectives we enable membership organisations and association to:

– Increase internal efficiency & effectiveness 
– Enhance value and engagement to aid retention

– Improve new member acquisition potential

– Increase participation and growth potential