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Sandra Fruish, Assistant Director of Membership

Royal British Legion

Sandra Fruish is the Assistant Director of Membership for the Royal British Legion, the country’s largest Armed Forces charity where she is responsible for over 230,000 members.   Trying to keep membership of a long-established, traditional organisation relevant to a modern audience, her work is focussed on shaping the membership strategy and defining a new membership proposition to take the organisation into its next century whilst continuing to support and develop the customary services and structure.  Passionate about people, by focussing on engagement and dialogue with the membership leadership she has been successful in enabling and driving transformation with a very change-averse audience.  She has overseen significant changes and improvements to the membership journey which has resulted in a reversal of the historical decline in membership numbers. Before joining the Royal British Legion Sandra spent 16 years as an Air Traffic Control Officer in the Royal Air Force, serving in the UK and overseas.  Her time in the military has provided her with the skills needed to work in the membership sector: resilience, commitment, patience, tenacity and a good sense of humour.

October 2021

1.4 – HOW TO: Engage Younger Members – Panel Session

12:30 pm - 1:10 pm

Join us for a three person panel on the subject of how to engage younger members. We will be joined by three speakers who represent different segments: one professional body, one donation based charity and one youth organisation. This session has the following learning outcomes: How each segment defines 'younger' members; How to create sub-segments and their relevant needs; the challenges to overcome in order to meet these needs.

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Chris Bull, Membership Communities Manager

Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP)
Session Track: Keynotes

1.6 – Modernising Membership for the Next 100

2:50 pm - 3:20 pm

This session is led by Sandra Fruish from the Royal British Legion, a charity which has been providing lifelong support to the Armed Forces community since 1921; they are responsible for the Poppy Appeal each year and they have over 237,000 members. This session will focus on how to approach change and modernisation and has the following learning outcomes: How to recognise the need for change (e.g. environmental factors, organisational structure, challenge of the traditional context, purpose of membership); How…

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Session Track: Keynotes
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