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5.3 – Mental Health and Why Professional Bodies Should Lead its Members

11:50 am - 12:20 pm

This session is led by Ben Turner, Co-CEO at Association of Professional Sales, which is the professional body for sales people. Mental health at work is not a fad topic of the day, it is not something that we will move on from and will be forgotten tomorrow. There is extraordinary work being talked about in the press about mental health, but the workplace still struggles. The APS chose to raise the topic to start trying to give space for those in sales to talk openly about their own wellbeing. The APS has always had inbuilt belief that professional bodies should lead their members, not only react to their needs. We should support members in their work and out of it, a modern professional body has to move from a supplier of information and a place to network, creating the agenda with its members to tackle the big problems that exist in our working world. This session will focus on mental health resources for members and has the following learning outcomes:

  • Why and how the APS looks to lead the profession with its members;
  • How to manage ‘being relevant’ and creating individual membership experiences;
  • What we found out about workplace wellbeing.


October 7
11:50 am - 12:20 pm
Session Track:
Member CPD and Wellbeing
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