There is a concern that membership is a dying concept in the 21st century. The younger generation are proving a stubborn audience to engage and we are all becoming ‘on demand’ consumers; able to purchase products and services that meet our needs as and when we need them. What does this mean for membership where traditionally a member signs up for benefits that they may never need or use? The truth is that membership is not dying, it just needs to evolve to ensure its survival.

That’s the reason behind the theme for the next MemberWise Membership Excellence Conference on the 14th May 2020. We are going to show how membership organisations can change the world. When we came up with the theme, we wondered how we were going to find enough examples of membership bodies doing things that were changing the world, but once we started looking, they were everywhere! From student unions funding Syrian refugees to trade associations funding crime fighting units; from sports bodies helping England get to the Olympics to members’ clubs supporting homeless people into work – there are dozens of stories in this conference about the incredible work of membership organisations. In the online programme, every single session explains one example of the great work that organisation is doing towards the theme. So, what can you expect this year?

  • We’ve extended the half day Strategy and Leadership stream to a full day to cover all governance and strategy topics as well as the wider issues of diversity and well-being.
  • We’ve got a full day on member value – the tangible benefits of membership across a variety of sectors on topics such as event programmes and even documentary making!
  • We’ve extended the half day CPD stream to talk about non-traditional topics such as wellbeing, mental health and emotional resilience.
  • We’ve got a special half day stream devoted to advocacy, lobbying and campaigning – if you do any government facing or stakeholder engagement, you’ll want to attend!
  • We’ve created a fantastic half day stream devoted to member engagement and participation – if you want to know all the ways your members can volunteer for you, you’ll enjoy this!
  • We’ve also got a half day stream devoted to global membership organisations as well as those that have local or regional networks so geography is covered too.

We’ve also made sure that whatever segment you work for, you’ll find at least one speaker from your segment: professional bodies, trade associations, donation based charities, unions, sports bodies, private members’ clubs, Chambers of commerce, political parties and students’ unions!

By the time you leave us on the 14th May, you’ll feel inspired and positive about the incredible impact of membership on the world at a time when its easy to think negatively about the future.

Don’t forget that our Early Bird ticket offer expires at the END OF FEBRUARY – so buy your ticket now!