Themes & Topics

Welcome to the Membership Excellence 2018 conference website. We take the opportunity to provide you with an overview of this year’s membership focused programme, themes and topics.

INTERESTING FACT: 97% of delegates return to the office and change/develop at least one member focused activity.

Membership Excellence 2018 will be our biggest and most adventurous membership focused conference in our 10 year history. Delegates can expect inspirational member focused educational content from the word ‘go’.

What’s new?

– 35% more educational breakout seminars
– New and more targeted concurrent educational seminar tracks
– A new seminar track dedicated to Member Research best-practice
– 2 x Provider Showcase Seminar tracks during peak-time
– A new CPD & Governance focused seminar track

We provide an overview of the theme’s contained  within each of our 7 seminar tracks below:

KEYNOTE & MEMBERSHIP TRACK – Member Value, Member Engagement, Member Experiences, Member Journeys, Modernisation and Change Journeys, Member Research, Local Member Engagement, New Member Acquisition, Existing Member Retention, Digital Transformation, Member Nudging, Membership Benchmarking, Membership Grade Development, Member Conversions, Member Events.

CPD & GOVERNANCE TRACK – Fundamentals & Mechanics, Leadership Structures, Legal & Finance Must Haves & Bear-Traps, Governance Surgery, CPD Update, Staff CPD.

MEMBER RESEARCH TRACK – Informing Strategic Change/Development, Shifting Member Perception, Improving a Sense of Belonging, Effective Member Consultation, DIY v Agency, Insight to Drive Success

HACK AUDIENCE LED TRACK – New Member Acquisition, Member Retention Optimiser, Recruiting Members on A Shoestring Budget, Rocket Powering Member Value, Optimising Member Journeys/Experience, GDPR, Preparing for ‘Planet Millennial’, Volunteer Management.

PARTNERSHOW CASE TRACKS – Providers will showcase CRM Solutions, CMS Solutions, Print & Fulfilment, Telemarketing and Online Community Platforms.

Each seminar/session will deliver at least 3 educational learning objectives and these can be explored via our interactive programme. Click on ‘Programme’ above and explore the sheer diversity and quantity of content that will be delivered this year.