Stephen Loweth, National Officer

Stephen Loweth, National Officer


Steve is a National Officer at UNISON working in the Regional Management and Governance function. He has worked for UNISON for over 10 years in a number of capacities.

His primary role is assisting in the efficient management and evaluation of UNISON’s 120 Fighting Fund Project Organising Staff. He is leading on the development of UNISON’s new join online form and a number of other digital initiatives as part of a wider digital programme well as assisting with the union’s compliance of the new Trade Union Act.

1.5 – Providing Enhanced Member Engagement at a Local Level

Main Auditorium

This trade union led session will focus on how Unison is delivering enhanced member engagement on a local level. The session will be led by National Officer, Stephen Loweth, and Project Manager, Simon Ayre and is supported by MillerTech. This session will deliver the following educational learning outcomes: 1) Why Unison is taking a real-time […]