Richard Jewell, COO

Richard Jewell, COO

The Key Support Services

Richard Jewell is the chief operating officer at The Key, a national support service for school leaders and governors. The Key provides information, training and smart digital tools to nearly half the schools in the country.

Richard has been involved with The Key since 2007, as The Key transitioned from a small government pilot, to become one of the fastest growing companies in the UK, with close to 100,000 individual members.

As a director of the company, Richard is responsible for the operational performance of the core delivery teams, the biggest of which is a large team of education researchers, who write digital articles in response to members’ questions. When not speaking at conferences, Richard enjoys writing about himself in the third person.

Profiling Members to Predict Future Retention Levels

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This member retention focused seminar will be delivered by The Key Support; a membership body founded in 2007 to pioneer a new way to support schools in England. The seminar will deliver the following educational learning outcomes: – Understanding the key characteristics of a healthy membership – A model to help you profile member retention […]

Membership Track