Oliver Escritt, Director of Membership

Oliver Escritt, Director of Membership

Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA)

Oliver joined the RIBA in 2011 and is responsible for what he describes as the ‘sharp end of the business’, ensuring that over 41,000 members remain a member and over 4,000 decide to join each year.

For over 10 years Oliver has worked in sales and marketing roles and prior to the RIBA worked for an inspirational start-up company specialising in online commercial property sales. Oliver was responsible for innovating how traditional commercial property sales were approached, providing an online platform for agents such as Jones Laing LaSalle, CBRE, Langham Estate and Savills. It is this approach to sales and marketing, which has provided the platform for how membership recruitment is now approached at the RIBA.

Oliver’s more recent focus has been on understanding the core function, operations and culture of a business to help inform and support a strong membership value proposition and effective communications.

Curating Next Generation Member Value & Engagement (RIBA)

Main Auditorium

This inspirational session will be presented by Oliver Escritt, Director of Membership at  the Royal Institute of British Architects, and will deliver the following educational learning outcomes: – Recognising the need to enhance member value – Knowing who you are, what you do and why you do it to unlock your communications – Top 3 […]

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