Nathan Easey, Insights Manager

Nathan Easey, Insights Manager

The Key Support

Nathan has worked at The Key since 2011. He transferred from Ten Lifestyle Management’s entertainment team to develop The Key’s member engagement call programme with schools, helping to maximise member satisfaction, subscription and retention.

In the years since he has held a variety of roles but mainly worked as insights manager. He built The Key’s successful ‘renewal risk’ model which uses historical renewal outcomes to score current memberships against a raft of weighted factors, to then rate the relative risk of a school not continuing with the service.

When not knee-deep in spreadsheets Nathan is an avid theatregoer, an armchair astronomer and a terrible baker.

Profiling Members to Predict Future Retention Levels

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This member retention focused seminar will be delivered by The Key Support; a membership body founded in 2007 to pioneer a new way to support schools in England. The seminar will deliver the following educational learning outcomes: – Understanding the key characteristics of a healthy membership – A model to help you profile member retention […]

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