Maria Borstnar, Consumer Psychologist

Maria Borstnar, Consumer Psychologist

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Maria Borstnar specialises in consumer behaviour. Through her research, consultancy and engagement workshops, she helps businesses and professional associations identify the most effective ways of engaging with their customers, members, employees and their wider communities.

Maria’s work is based on finding out what makes people tick – she identifies what people’s needs are and the motivations behind the needs.  She uses her research findings to advise organisations on how to create engagement strategies that work for their customers, members and employees, and also how to communicate what they do in a way that will instantly strike a chord with their audiences.

As a consumer psychologist, Maria speaks at conferences and seminars, sharing her knowledge of behavioural sciences and ‘the art of the nudge’, effective and efficient ways of influencing decision making of groups and individuals.

Fast and Slow Decision Making: ‘NUDGE’ members to increase engagement

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Our conferences feature great speakers from inside and outside of the membership sector and for that reason we welcome back Maria Borstnar. Maria is a consumer psychologist who ‘gets membership’ and will provide great insight into neuro-marketing techniques and using emotions to drive membership value and growth. This seminar will deliver the following educational learning […]

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