Juliet Leach, Interim Head of Marketing

Juliet Leach, Interim Head of Marketing

Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA)

I am a brand, marketing and partnership professional with over 15 years of experience working with big businesses, charity organisations and government.

I have consulted, directed and managed annual reports and CR reports for FTSE 100 companies; advised business on how they can best align their values with appropriate charitable causes; led a large organisation through two restructures, rebrand and incorporated five external organisations into the larger structure.

I am a brand specialist, understanding all the forces that need to come together to make a successful brand, and all the outputs that need to be created to communicate the brand values to an internal and external audience. I am passionate about how brands can work for a single organisation and in partnership with others, and have led many high profile partnerships to inspire and influence all audiences to the benefit of all participants.

I am currently Brand and Marketing Manager for RIBA, working on all the brand and marketing strategies and deliverables for our extensive public programme of events as well as our member communications.

I have travelled widely and worked for not-for-profit organisations in Zimbabwe and America.

I am a dedicated, passionate and focused employee who enjoys leading teams and projects. I am also a great team player and will turn my hand to anything that needs doing for the benefit of the team and project.

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