Irenie Ekkeshis, Director & Co-Founder

Irenie Ekkeshis, Director & Co-Founder

The New Citizenship Project

Irenie started her career in the advertising industry, working at leading agencies helping to devise brand strategies and campaigns for some of the world’s most famous brands. After a stint running renowned archaeological tour operator The Traveller, Irenie returned to brand and creative strategy, co-founding innovation consultancy New Citizenship Project with ex-colleague and friend Jon Alexander in 2014.

Irenie has a special interest in patient participation in the health sector, having lost her vision in one eye as a result of a contact-lens related infection in 2011. This also led Irenie into campaigning for eye health for which she has won a number of awards, including the Sheila McKechnie Foundation’s Health and Social Care Campaigner of the Year 2015, and the Vision Pioneers Campaign of the Year in 2016.

Through her work at NCP, Irenie has worked with a number of membership organisations helping them to create membership propositions which are less transactional and more participatory.

The Future of Membership is Participation

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In 2016 the network introduced members to the New Citizenship Project and their Future of Membership project. One year on we thought it was time for them to update delegates on their membership focused research and development results. You can find out more about the project here. This inspirational breakout session will deliver the following […]

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