Dr Laura Chamberlain, Principal Teaching Fellow

Dr Laura Chamberlain, Principal Teaching Fellow

The University of Warwick

Dr. Laura Chamberlain is a Principal Teaching Fellow of Marketing at Warwick Business School.

Laura is particularly interested in Consumer Behaviour and Customer Experience. She is interested in researching the importance of consumer emotions, trust, loyalty and how to influence customer behaviour. Laura, along with an international research team, also researches consumer neuroscience, using neuroscientific techniques to further our understanding of consumers.

Laura’s work has appeared in a range of journals, and in October 2009 was identified as one of ‘fifteen scientists tackling the world’s most pressing problems’ in the science supplement of The Times newspaper.

4.4 – The shifting landscape of member expectations

Room 3

Member expectations continue to evolve and we need to ensure we don’t just meet them, but strive to exceed them. In this session we hear from a leading academic expert on the subject – Dr Laura Chamberlain, Principal Teaching Fellow of Marketing, Warwick Business School, Warwick University This session will deliver the following educational learning […]

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