Darryl Howes, Director

Darryl Howes, Director

DDNS Consulting Ltd

Darryl helps professionals develop networking and career management strategies. He has extensive experience of networking techniques via front line business development posts within blue chip companies and across a range of consultancy assignments.

This practical experience is underpinned by an evidence-based approach employing psychology, behavioural science and established research in the domains of influence and persuasion. He holds a First Class Honours undergraduate degree and a Masters in Organisational Psychology from the University of Surrey, UK. A speaker and author, his blogs and articles have a wide readership (Article for FM Magazine, circulation 650,000)

2.6 – Why Do People Want to Belong?

Room 1

The theme is practical insight from social science to understand what members, and prospective members, want and what motivates them. Content will cover three key areas: 1) In groups and out groups 2) Optimal distinctiveness 3) Inclusive and exclusive networks The learning objectives are: 1) An improved understanding of the human motivational factors that drive […]

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