Amanda Gilmer, Managing Director

Amanda Gilmer, Managing Director


Amanda has been responsible for the strategy, development and growth of Chord since its inception in 2001.  Initially working with public sector organisations, Chord has evolved to become telemarketing specialists, delivering a wide range of direct and digital marketing campaigns for public, not-for-profit and private sector clients.

Within the last seven years the primary focus has been to develop the people, processes and capability within Chord to be able to offer specific services to Membership Organisations and Associations. Chord is now regularly delivering effective, integrated outbound calling campaigns to numerous clients within this sector.

6.2 – First Year Members – How and Why Calling Them Will Improve Retention

Room 5

Attend this session to find out how Chord is currently delivering welcome and touchpoint outbound call campaigns to several of its membership sector clients and the positive impact these campaigns are having on retention rates, particularly first year members.  An outbound calling campaign planning checklist and sample call guides will be provided, in addition to […]

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