Amanda Gilmer, Managing Director

Amanda Gilmer, Managing Director

Chord UK

Responsible for establishing company goals and strategies and presiding over the entire workforce. Overseeing the budget and ensuring that resources are properly allocated. Providing visionary and strategic leadership for the company. Primarily responsible for business and client development.

– Directing company financial goals, objectives and budgets.
– Maintaining relationships with key clients.
– Providing training and guidance to senior management team.
– Presiding over quality control and implementing company ethos.
– Developing and maintaining relationships with strategic partners that are in the best interest of the company.
– Directing staff including company structure, professional development, motivation, performance, evaluation, discipline, personnel policies and procedures.

6.2 – Chord UK Partner Showcase

Room 5

This partner show case will provide delegates with the opportunity to find out more about the products/services provided by this Official Partner. Partner Showcase Seminars differ from our other seminars as the provide sales focused content.

Partner Showcase A