Ahmed Eltohamy, Managing & Technical Director

Ahmed Eltohamy, Managing & Technical Director


Since 2007, Ahmed has established smartimpact as a leading provider of Dynamics CRM solutions. Combining his understanding of business & membership needs with technical expertise to drive innovation and creativity into member-focused organisations. Going beyond just a simple membership database to a world of intelligent systems. He has ensured smartimpact has high quality, robust, yet flexible, software & a team of experts who support membership organisations through every part of the implementation process.

This has led to over ten years of growth and an excellent reputation focussed entirely on the membership & NFP sector.

6.5 – The smart approach – using intelligent systems for measuring member engagement

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Part of creating an effective digital environment for your members is understanding what your members really value in your organisation. – Are your members truly engaged with your organisation? – What member benefits do they find most valuable? – How do you measure your member engagement? – How can you increase their engagement and improve […]

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